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tv   Today  NBC  February 18, 2016 7:00am-9:40am MST

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wh is told by man other natialolls where truad a bi lead. >> we have a new poll for south rolina tlk out. ou t sryenoba plsoralo cat month. ron allens onhite hse dy this morng. good morng to you. >> reporr: the wteouse is expect t aou t prident'sri to cub sometime later today. it has bnusve yr since mr. obaaide would begin normalizing reti many criticsre saying it is mu too soon to reward t castro regime a senior administrionic tellg nbnews that president ama wl visit cuban march markg the fir tim in years a sitting president wl vit cu. >> these 50 yrs havehown isolation hasot woed. it is timeor a new approach. >> reporter: warming relatns
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. e pairouncing in lat2014 that t would begin noizing ties. ovetime i is possie f untr siehen secretary of state kerry travell to the isnd andhis weekigne a deo resu air trafc. still the are rdles. touris cnot vithe isld and tde cannot resume until an embargo emba is lift. ted cruz marco rio wer quick toounce on the nounme. bi singeould not g if he were president. >> t problem i the are not an-american.
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wasn't rprise >> rter:r. obamaaid h wouldn't go touba unless there wasrogres on humrights. clea wheth tha w hapn bu tumber of dissident arrested inaily th can regime is increasing. >> thankyou. you heard some republican candidatesalng abo ca. ourewoll sho truz adingnatially ave the cplete cove of th re g with nbc naonal national correspondent peter alexander. >> repter: donald trump is holding ono a comnding lea here in north calina. nationally the raceched a newurning in e wl stre jrnal pol shows ted cr leading donald trump. here in carina tedz
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>> the soundou areeang is the sound of screams cgrom washington, d. >> rorteith th gop lineup shriing after theew mpshe primaryhe wal street journal poll shows amatic shift fromast month. droppin seven. >> i think somebody at wall street journal doesn't lik me. >> and yet he tells fibs, lies. >> reporter: the trump/uz feud escalati escalating. >> i a p choice. we cannotrust dond trp with these serious decisions. reporter: trump's lawrs call it defamatory insistinge pos sesaboron. >> i have had great sce in busine, great success with lawsuits,reat success in
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dot kn i wel have a lawst butwant to ke somebody hone >> reporr: tru still dominate with cruz hind. marcrubio is picking up speed dnother critical endorsement om governor nikki haley. gate gate great day in south carolina. ladies and ntlemen, ife eltar riove dil be a gre daynerica. >> reporter: not gat day for jeb bush whohours earlier told nbc news haley's endorsementou be t most powerful in thestate. >> it's aeenecid apparent th pundits haveade it all decided. don'tave to vote i is a fished. i should stop camigning ybe. it's all done. that not how democcy works. >> reporter: here is somhing
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jeb bush cheng his brother back stage after w.'s dorsemt part o a new campaign deo. jeb eard saying thanks, i love you. i don think the psident was rdy forhat chest bump. hilry clinton and bernie sanders working overtime to courtinority vs ahe of saturday's nada cauc nithey face-off in las ga a town hallevent. andr mitell is alrdy i position. good mornin >> reporter: with reports tha clinton' topors have complained aboutrass roots effort hillary clion and bernie sanders facing off in neda, a statehe needs to win after losing to sanrs in new hampir hiary clton and bernie sandsill be appealing t nevada votersg a
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with just twoays be the caucuscln's lead disappead. a n pol h just one point or sanders. onally things could be getting worse. once holding a commanding lead among wom clinto favorabilitys shrinkingust six points aheadompared t her dole digit lead aple wks ago. th candidates a reaching o to african-american and latino voters. inn on the south sid of chico fussing on racia rriers and the problemf poce violence against minorities. she also accused sanders of wavering supportor presi ama in 2012 >> evenried toave someone n agahim. >>eporter: sandeking d to south calina >> we have a rea good shot in nevada and i believe we are going to do a lot, lot better i
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an upset and show he canin in statesith more minories than predominantly white new hampshe. >> think oleion day people will be sprised abo how well we do. >> reporter: wh the race headin the sth and west clinton is releasing new ad medt vada hpanic vote takin o thessue of deportatn. and just a few hours o clinton stpe along the strip to greet rkers on the overt shi at her tel. winsaturday inevada will hav a l of momentum going forward inouarolina and beyond to super tuesda what is clear a prolonged prar battle. >> andrea tche inasvegas.
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let' let's talkpolls. here is what we see, 36% donald trump far and away the lder and this tight race for second or third. is south carin poised to be theta tt wiowathize field? >> donald trum is way ahead in our poll and oer poll. the real mchetwearco rubio andeb bush. the forr proteg e twof the bor i thought maybe bothak it out. whoever is ahead here in south carolina on satury is pbably ing to get to go on into t finals. whoer is bend can get out quit quickly. >> w have t newbc wall street joual pol shong donald trump not leading t
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marco ruo at 17. wealkutifferee ttowed trump with a lead from 15 to 20 pots. what do you rdhe number inerms of tedruz atleast? >> reporter: the nbc wall stre jour poll is a goll normallyut it can be off. it doesn reflect the facthat trp doesave thele. ted cruz being hit by donald trpnd mar rubio hasoved up. he honsolidate a o support ith conservative wing ofhe party. i in no doubt ted cruz while stillhind trump prably. >>et's talkbouthe moataturday aaus in neva. have seenolling sugsting s a dea ht ther w do you think hilla clinton has chang h message in the wake of wha happened in new hampshire? >> she has honed in on the message tha andrea talkedbo at bere sanders is not practical. he didn't supportresident
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fo h because his idea can't be me into l and ity. at i vy pctical mess es it appeal to people's hopes and dreams? that istilln ope questi. andrea is quite rht tt saturday's caucuses areery important for momentum into south carolina and into march we see a ver longprotracted clintb san clin sanersclint clinn cltosaers ttle. >> tha yo now t a despera hun for dangerou rioacve matia missinnaq. ficials fearing it could be ed as a weapon byorists repter: iraqi securit forces have been srching d and night f month fhis case theize of a ltop holdin penally ddly radioactive material. exposure canause death ia
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the iraqis areorriedt cld fa into the wrong hands. it nightmare scenar ki a maki aso-called dirtymb. an iraqi governmt document coirms a hhl dangerous radioactive materl was stolen from atoge facilit linked to weatherford oil company in november. atherfor oilaid wo not own,rateontrol srces or the bunr and that a different cpany held the terial. nbc has noteen able to reach them for comment. >> weave n seen indication materialeen auired any
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obously, w ctie take thes reptserriouy. reptehetate dertment sdre w no iden that isis pulled off the theft. at ts pot theqison't know who did. securi sou told rrs it looked lik an iide job. >> >> apple is getting sport in s industry ia fight a ourt ordero hacko a phe used by ardin shooter,ha apple opses and is fighti. miguel almagras the latest. >> an ione likehis one that locks after set periof tim d reqres fou digit cod open . th is wt tbi can't get past. apple ss if iel
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cr a droredent f everneho os onef these. two mths after t tror attack that left 14 dead in bernankeburnsan bedino t iphon is sting of a debate over pvacy and security. seehe fbi's pot, you can s e' point of ew. >>ter: with fbi inveigators able to un the feder judge oed apple to cree new softweock thepheourfor evce. >> justice has to be rved. people'sivesere lost. feel that is the moral tng todo. >> repter: apple says they have beenssisting the fbi with plo fht t judgs or innpete t cooay creang bk door to byass
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theyno have and sometng we consid too dangero to crte. privacy aocesay buiing th masr key t by pas curi will be ploid a youvatsk. leeols wed o th issue wedayweetin w ve lnforce aes t basen vid legalrders buthat is different from data. the fbielieve ty willose ehoneata pernently after ten failed attempts to open it. for familybers of the viims there is no debate. >> w you dealing with naonal sity th should come firs ople's liv matt >> while t date res on and ape preparesor appeal in
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oded toprent pne compies omrocting data in ces liketh. we want tknow what viewe thin shouldleelpbi unlockher' oo ho? >> big dat on that > strae yut of l anles where a hostal pai raom to hacker tha aprentlyere holding compu network hostage. paid about $17,000 when i victim t ransom wear. bit c is onlineurncy tt y har to trad spal ceo called it tost effit wayondhe probm. neither law enforcement nor hospal ge indication o migh be behindhe atck >> a little strange. let'surn to al roker. >>e he warmth cominp in the next several days. right now record warm wea
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rds of 30 degrees abo average. look for records idenver. stretcng int el pa. amaril amillo de' seeecds i chleston, taahassee, taa, memp a hstonnd that rmth sprding towards the east coast towards the end of the ek. temperateslimbing into the s throuou the southwest. as we hd towds naville, atlanta, jackille. charlott 66 and loot the nortast upwards of 40 to 50 degreesnd 60s down i washington, d.c. by the end of
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we'reoi,,,,,,, >> >>hat's your lest weather. cominga new controversy over"teersuso.
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familys blaing the actor david schwimmer. the powerball jacot
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normaln the western slop.. ter at massive rockslide rlr this week.. mond's slide lt ros e size of sml cars oth inrstaten glenwood canyon. right now... 24 mile stretch remas closed. crewartryi to get it party reopenometime toy, but there is exnsive damage to guardrails, barriers throad iel and tonight atheroadmo world ena -- colorado coege's hockeam will face ofagainsd-u. on surday... the teams ll meet again coorhe first outdoor college hockey gamtehistory... chierning meorolog-- stephen bowers j uwith a ok at oulocal recast... stephen... a refl wni iinffect for weatfavorable for fis sta and behave ratically. day is the day to do any outdooburninnd remember to not throw out your cigarette bus.the wind wilsteadily ince thisorning. by noon, wind will b the 15-30 mph range d wille stronger than 30 mph with gusts to over 60 mphfter noon today. after a mild morning, record high temperatures e not out of the questi this afternoon. pect highs near 69egrees
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degrs ound pueblo. wer s are likelyor par
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7:30. thursday rning, februy18, . that ithe vw from the top of the rock. ted cruz hashe a of donald tru nnallyn our newbcewsall strernal poll. cr first cice of%. >> many candidates took part in
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last night ahead of saturday primary. one tic of discussion, appl fight again court ord by unlockhe hone. >> i think secury first. >> anytime youre dealing wit ises of sury and civ liberties you haveo balan th bo. think w can walk aw g t samme, pte rsels fr terrists >> applsrgumt ithat the der sets danus precedent. another of the forei relaween a . esidenama po tvel ther next month. this will be the first vit t the island by sting presint nce 28. fshontrersyd to peo versu o. simpsoas a member of the brown family speaks out authesh
7:30 am
siso is furious authe j.i seriesnd shathize proder and cast ulha reacheduto her fil befe puttingheho tetr and she is dirtingome comment atne sta in partilar. the peo eeople vsusj. mpn is dra huge ratgs and itic praise but not everye is a fa tonyarown i upt wh did schwimme w plays robt being a goopersonnd l fri is more imp aneing famoit means notng allhout a vous hear >>eporr:cher reportedly nsdith kris er saygillay peoe lde includ family
7:31 am
just tired of disrespect in our country. countr cot. meealife ayer seehe shdiffeny. >> iookingtth anciti. >>epte cl doilouss him. >> he told me with rar exceptiothey were dected t no have deccoact with the peopleho they we porang uil aer t filming. rorter: accordi t n rk mazin filming wou dow
7:32 am
to mar clark. sayi she delivered feelings s beautifully with so much nuae you get thfeingf ity inhe in the courtroom. tonya bwn tells us she i wch any of. she spsting th it iven. >> imat trs open the wound a 2 years later. lotf people are talking abt the sh. meantime,ther new no e secondinners ofast mos $1.67on jackp verward. now theyeodtnt. >> took a little mn a month for maureentho g their bucks i row. >> we justept quiet. >> reporter: maybeot abluly rmal.
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llion in theig powball lo >>ost aot of sleep and over tenpounds. >> the worry of what i going to haen. >> wt are you going to do with the mone >> no. >>$1.6 billn. >> reporter: wenew tackpot woule div a three wiing cksho h en a mystery. thballumbe wer osen in this buildi aonth ago. th couplhaseen keeping it a secrver since en from family. >> were you looki forward t toda or dre tg regit. >>he wt akthei unmeige -- >>eporr:ameorrdlmos immediel >> wtoes thiseel lik to yo rorr: the couple returne to mumford, tenneee and o o
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th trd winning ticketas ld in californiahe the owdatre hopg to get a glime of the winner. a month later the worlds sll iting to find out. the winner h untilex januar to come rward. back in orida. >> he wantso get n wanto g a age. >> asy as shewant toda jan shamli, nbc news,llahassee. >> i w thelottery. i'm thewinn. i was jrithroug >> shean get aot o ssages ae wanr. >>eeotfrous atr ather int twest. tak wha win have brt i sther carn, trorrsoming down
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y not want i cheese. >> olivia sterns is here with more. >> good morning. no surpriswe a czy cheese. e american eats almost ounds of it per year yot know the fda an iti an invtion into stle and thnd grated rmesan cheencluded fier which could be der from wood pulp. what is ur food dee what is on e label? erica has long h a love affair witeese. case smells rotte the fda spelled o, paesoducts dnot
7:42 am
market pantry 0% parmen cheese included cheddar se and ceulose. >> they ar>> they are looking to cheat mehow. they are trying to deceive us and tryingdos that we don't noti to cutorners so th make ney. >> repter: does al fillerlike cellu in ch t can on make % of tot ingredies. says he says rd cheese is on the st of ods with documented mislabelling issues. al on the list ctain brands of ext versi oliveil. me more expensive afood liker lobster or scalls and some
7:43 am
say they committe coing with food standards and mislabelling unacceptab. food ctr ontributor sayhe thinks pele can find mislelled prodts. >>ost >> most pele aren't focussed on it so ty goo a great italiarestrantnd s someing about e foods rely gat. prod a real. th is ware missinout . >> repteheood andrug mistrati says its jo is to is t sure oesn hurt y >> no ubt that t hhest priotys to keep us safe. >> repr: what n u do if you are concned about od infridge and ptry? he says oducts with the name you trust. ere is no easy sol foodbeg. the orking on increang regulationare
7:44 am
rema vigilant. we rea reachedut to the any for cot but heard back. >> fiber. >> natalie sd it was fib pulp. >>he w the wd ju makes it go. >>illie waed to know wha wine to pa wit when has wood i. >>ertain ntiness. >> we're >> we're stuck othfact that ericans eat 25 p cheesejust just ahead kanye west takes the is wrong t at is he wng do ynk ale suld he hk inhones s?ate viewers think? right after th (crowd cheering)ab.
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this >>l tellow earli doun should apple help f shoote hone 74ye 26ay les g to coentsthbi hnt tk ig iny opioifpple is fd tre crypti f u. wma tme 10 re wh apple. also if our intelligenceel oneakeni oamerica's curi tne aeast if ale rese toor' piloinng em. rderou enemi in the u doterve o prection. rights. rights. >> interesting to see what o viersre sayi.
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iss ve anks for wat an forating k-o-a-a. coming up on the top of e hour now, i'm shellene cockrell with this todayhow upda... the longmont woman whose unborn baby was cut from her womb during a vicious attack. is tesfying against the suspect. yestday... michelleilkins toothe stand, givi etional testimony about losing her baby. she was 7 mont pregnant at the me... and says she respoing to a craigslist ad for infant clothes, when it happened. "i lked do a y kw, just saw thireally b cut across my stomach" "he said that she didn't make it" the suec. yn lane... haplotuiy"temunlfuteinn arean. many busesses use cebook to however. lel majuana spensari.. ot marketheir products febook. "my'medinainen crtea fabo pag ree yearago shoase
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tan hfoedpa lmoh.fabohut emowyi tys pag vla eicostdas b-c news rep that lst dozen rijua spensa pes intas havels shutown. chief rning meteorologist sthebors joins us now with lo at our local forecast. stephen... a red flagning iin effect r weathefavorable for fis to sta andehave erraticay. today isot the day to do any tdr burning, and remember nothrow out your carette bus. the wind will stdily increase this morni. by noon, wd will bin the 15-30 mph range and will be stronger tn 30ph wh gust to over 60 mph after noon day. after a ldorning, record high temperatures e not out the questi this afrnoon. exct highsear 69 degrees arnd coloro springs and 78 degrees around pueo. lower s arlily for ptsof theoutheastern plns.
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stephen bowers joins us now th >> >> i 8nday. impost doctor the florida teen acced of impersatin a do. >> i have nev bn a traditl gu > to m loyalt llns of americans have nevchdheir cdit card tenty cngm b bucks every mo ld yswitch and insid oprah's closet. this pee is sur to
7:59 am
sday, february 101 >> weeyou. >> hello from buffalo! >>dy y'all fro texas. >> good>>oo morning to a our studts you me evethg n! >> >> welcomeday." it's 8:,hursday, february 18, 2016. we hava gre out re. aot of peopl have winter eahis week and coming out
8:00 am
willier thwbac thudayng tods my,hrna bihday weated in high hool >> >>aking of romance, don't foet we are calling all engaged couples if you lov "my big fat greek wedding" we want you to come get married onur a. w cplit big ee wed 2 tive you the weddin yourea tincl your fami want to meethem and ose y for oursh wedding. don'tforget toor feua 26. >> willie will sernade with ngut a g thing" >> let's head insi. >> good morng. news this morning thehite
8:01 am
step forward in cubanmenlations. president obama will pay a historicit to cuba ithe middle of march ding a trip to latin america. will the first time in almost nine dades tt a in u.s. president h gon to cuba. not everyone sports thetr. reblican presidential candidat mar rubio and t cruz criticized president obams plan. theext politil show downs are tays away in nevada. soh carona for t republicanr both parties the raceare tight. peter alexander has more now from luia south carolina >> reporter: goo morning to you. here dald trp is sll minating butur new national poll numbe show whatight be a changing race nationwide
8:02 am
po shows cruz leading do tru natnally hair theound you are hea is thou smsomin fm inon, c. >> rorter: cruzllenges trump to sue him. >> even this takes the cake. repter: the fightver t cruz ad, highlightin trp's st support of abortion rights. >> cnotst donald trump making serious decision >> rep >> reporter: trump's lawrs arguin trump is now anti-abortion and backing down a bit. on't that we will have asuit but we want to ep somebody honest. reporte marco rubioh a big assistromki h. if we elect mco rubve dayill be greay americ epter:halendseme
8:03 am
she is gre rs. rorr: for t demra thetle is equallyfier. >> iill buin t pgrs that preside oba h made. >> reporter: hillary clinton turn to her hometownf afrin-american tes. >> w need to face the reaty of systemic cism. if wre going to be able to break down t barrier i our economy, our society and our lical stem>> rorter: two daysil neda's caucusersanders is looking ahe to the nt stop in southcaroli, as . >> ifhere is a largeoter turnt i think we have a shot to winthis. >> rorter: the demra wil square off later tonight in las vegas, nevada. ratedyur iend natalie, back tou. >> thanks so 15nts are safe this
8:04 am
a frightening trip home hool on wednesday theirl bus burst into flamestudents and iver smeed smoke. no none w hurt. one of e starsf mob wives has died gela raiola died ts mni af stage fr cancer shehohthe w cancefree. she found o mths later the dias spread to her brain and lungs. she was5 years old. peop in southst sta are deali wita mess. oneown downer is buried under aassive amnt o tumble weed ho dry conditionst tumbl int weedntoyards.
8:05 am
to itp toinder h edagn. >> iill ner cpl aboutsnowto ow srm agn. >>ourelo ts wd stor inorid uch an incrible stor anage accused o pretending toe a doctor. is morninge ispeni up in newinrviebout his arst >>t's ling ghtmare. repter:he teenar accuse of posg ato doot fl hieo the mmit smp dw tnk everhi w er. r:eut o bl af undover sng tuesda he i fing chaes o gra thef rsy, cck fgend acticing whout a cense. prosor sayheraic w
8:06 am
buil. eraice billed him aoctor and with a phd. the teenager says he wasn't trying toe aal >> as fsmd boardxam i'm no try be one so no cht. >>eporter: but he insists he has listed valid credentials. >> i he gone to the sps to beme whe i am w. sople mayot tonalte e bn aditional y. epr: an investigation wanche after a elderly pats he stole checks froter forg th cash. the tger wouot c onhe accnde sts tusinesasever oflypennd the peoe who came t see wereot callytients. >> i a fr to f coon rea is no tre involved. reporte he insists h w mply trying to help his mmunity.
8:07 am
operate as a normalsiness. it'sust t cludelternative medicine >> reporte his gra fathe spokeithbc affiliate aing that same commutyorpport. >> he has slipp and did something wrong. just ask tha everyby pray for h. >> the tn accused of posing as a dlaye as ll, ndering the halls of a nearby spital. he was never charged back then with a crime. he s he h hirttorneys now they are not ready to annoheceed wh rges a him. >> they are really laught hey d fw a aditiol th. >> taking medical school. >> he had a history of doing this.
8:08 am
and he was cght then. he was at this hpitalorn entire monthefore they were like how old ishiskid? so he had asty.e fac h wasble to set up a whole office. >> allegey. he did stu by wing houser ho now the shows will ve aielday wit this. >> quotes are az > do your kids give you that dreaded eye ? >> yeah. >> i pbably means morehan thk. yre abo to get a cnce to raid oph' clet >> and ist te towitch yo credit cardcoany? why mt os heer done and the benitou be missing (toilet flh) if you nd an opioid manageour chronic pain, you may be sooconstipated it feels like everyone can go ...except you. opioid-induced constipation,
8:09 am
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a photo of meggo waffle en it pops u l'eggoy eggo l'go my go (answering macne) hey! leave a ssage. hi, know youe there, 'cause i can s you. i'm calling yo tell you to l'eggo my eggo! anncr: some things are too deciouto sha.
8:12 am
l'eggoy eggo. trending me. >> let talsine isser t eyef just about every pare, eye rolling. iturns outouust suldn't putp w it the "new yo times" has a colu fussedpecicall on yogwomen. whyeenage girls roll the ey. itak the ce tt kid en't alwaybl ere thseesmare. theaperugst pts tak me unddiroh sayieenageyee can tehe behior psonay or t t seerom eir rsive. eyeoll standoff. >> i have aeenagedauger. i would rather see the eyes rol
8:13 am
frtrion. >> a lotfim tee don't feel they municate so they giveouhe roll. >> i had one and iave one t now. you to go stopit, b you kind o let it go. >> being trecipient of an e roll makes youcrazy. >> i have the yearld daughter i g thi ahen tlk ay. iav bs get of sarcasm. sarcasm. there is aot new toy allowing kids t enjoy the th o themail remeer sna mail. they call it turtle mail. you use a web app. pants send note toy but e turtleailbox ps
8:14 am
they it creates a ternativens kidse in front of themig now. >> i like that. >> you get it instantly. >> le love no >> tye thoseith voicen your pho and lea age dese li room ikea shoppers? you get the lumber and you get to put i together. we kwt can b a tough pla for couples. comedians dssing ups a couple's therapist a walking arnd giving o advicether people wan to hear or not.
8:15 am
>> is like arelationship >> >>hat i new york comedian tylefisher dispensingt uplewi. >> to a ong u a e grammy ormance. >> >> adele getting fst interview since perfornce at grammy's plagued by audio ises. adele claims a microphone fell on the piano. today she says she knew there was a ely. i kw where theas a i fr i feltt wel always a always a bit picky. it's emotion. emd.
8:16 am
don't worry. i ced prett mhllay yeerda >> you cryo your own so. >> i woulde cried iftent really well, as well. i alwayscry. >> so funny. >> i le he >>ex te she will j sp d sta all over again. th dsirtoy. pran you own ece wardrobe oph iselesigne fashio oba w ove50 ntly used items. dresses, sh jewelry, coats. ddgtart at are proed benit the oprah leadersp academy. the items come from her stio in cca which is closing after 25 years.
8:17 am
albumnd fashion lineportlyel down back stage at "l"ndetting rn by taylor swt. o ie wtanyent a sngftwee. a weanhode hbl ou tdmit wn iro an ler added m numr one enemyas bny eg the is only one throne and at's god's. >> lks like reflection. >> for now. >> he wasking about being the throne as claiming to be the king of rap. >>ennifer lopez joine jmy llon a
8:18 am
>>y tent is i can i'm rea i' reallshy. >> let pome mus on >> oh, my go. >> sheeally can dance. >> little twerkin skills goi onthere. >> tas good. >> i >> was done. >> al, you still watching it? >> i don't he to the wehe we c keep runniit. >> work work, work >> let lookt what isng onutsteavy rainnd snow making its way into the pacic nohwes norern californ
8:19 am
on shore today land wh ers. g abo 12 ihes of ow wch wld bereor them. torrownoer stormnto rtt pushingai into the coast. inllmots especiall i theacicorwest oneo thre incs of rain tough ay.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
want t be frids wh your characterven thoug s is a diz, sho f disaster. it's just valley girl talk. >> i love it. >> tnk you souc f being here. you natch tetrnes ndayightn hbo. back i buss whyhe dereansbout take a
8:23 am
8:24 am
first this is "today nbc. bla blast from et on the rge of a mamger comeback. >> theeanng bk odtion. gabe gutierrezent to tne of aind facto that ving it. >> reporter: it was ahead ots .
8:25 am
a time chin t o a deloan. epter:n marty mcfly asked the timeless queion in back tthe future the delorean wasimmortalized. >> deans not only a thing futu. >> reporter: that fute is folding inhumble, texas. in pduction . >> ts time nex year. reporte the ceo anday for the first te in three decades the companyill build abt 30 new deleans uer mafa manucturin bill avedy th fed gornment. whatsost unique >>everything. >> reporter: t doors, the el,he histy. >> everybody has a delorea story. >> rorter: that bega in e d '70s.
8:26 am
sinc >>an i help you? reporter: demands hter than21 jigga watts. the newepcas arexpecdst clo cost cse t10$100,0. nowts te f the lorean to e. the only car that know thatike a hapss maine. >>orr: he is a wter i austin w has drive his classic across the country. >> one of the first tes i took it out a dve i pulled up to a sp light and a guy crossi and h tned and arted bowgo the car which has never happened in m prius. >> reporr: ae machinehat ready h aild ride. >> that was fun. >>epter: alast fm the past. it's a drm come tr. >> repter: goingack to e futu.
8:27 am
nb humble,texas. >>ll about door >> love it. whyi was in one. >> how did it feel? >> tight b awesome t be in >> we can work around it. >> it's so cool. the laorghini. >> tght. comin ne, is it time to have the money tith your res? whatou shode dng to make
8:29 am
inder. first ths ay" on nbc as weeardllee slief sps a spans a lge t ev. senior personal fince corresponden this is aough conrsatno have for anyaren with a child. >> it i a ver tough convertion becau a lot of seorsembarrasse they don't w to admithat ey m nee he. you needo have this coersaon becau statiics show when there i fud invoed i could mea u to $300 out of ck. let's srt to havehe convsaon. it starts with just having t mone talk.
8:30 am
op communicaon is vy importan in terms ofpreventing fraud. you wantosk the solions to hpmevie their finces withthem. sometimes it is difficu t have this tk. you ed a thiarty to step in mbe talk ta financial adviser. ome way tha i toughe. once youave gottenoi h set them up for safety. >> y need to know where the document are. wheroheeep fancial documents and tax returns. oweoplved idling document i love oinel p as muc as tthey can do for themselves. yo wanto get rid of junk mail contactirect marketing. get rid of catalog and things. getn the doot call regi simpl >> simply it l bit. watch out for signsfouble. >> there are a l of s of troubl
8:31 am
notices t could be a sign thatething is gng on with th a also that thre being bombard by tngs, anges in their wil that may be an tha m is psing. also, look for suspicis financial tivity. ifou see a lot of atm withdrals y knowhat your moer has been ally bedriddenhatot poible. nd out tha is happening. un bls and unusual purchases. know theyouldn't buy these things. thext onereally ant. watc scam e aarp bultiid a huge bulletinbo s being rged. >> all of them say medicare is one of th top one watch out for. your medicare number needs be protted. u w toe sur i doesn fault into wrong hands. uan te se pay
8:32 am
rtanone. we get telemarketing calls. you want to makee the business is timate before any way. mein >> just go to the better business bureau and make sure it a legitim busiss in of tech support here i one tt the aarpfoun if they if aresking you wnload a partir website that could be a virus something for them to get access to your personal inftion your comput the big one i irs scam. that is voice mail or call sang you owe back xes, king to pay for that. never cal you.the irs only conctshrough u.s. postal rvice. you should know that so you c awa of ams. when all elsails you mht have to step in r your parents sppt dwhat's a bigtep for a lot of peoe to take.
8:33 am
conversation before you do it. you canandle a lot of things remotely then nsult with soone if yd to aee yan hire s t he greatpoints. you so much. ks. lo who joined our coh. star of nbc's comedy. good morng. >> big season finale >> we >> we are funny and w get out. >> has she grown? arned any spanish? >> no. ro for her. >> we have had muchfu the season fale is cliff nger. there wil b huge cliff hangero everybody gets to watch moay. shems so putether but
8:34 am
>> imitatiif splmp ext exactdw --. exactly. >> we won't for a it's rea eally fun. had t witheing ired superstar and americ we are happy aboutur comedies. we hope t getked up. >> lsfalk about it. >> i can't breat in this dress. >> you lk loly. >> you c breathe next hour. >> i will do ts standin up. >> mdayight 8:30 eastern
8:35 am
thanks forat thks for watching k-o-a-coming up on the top of the hour now, i'm shellene cockrell with this today sw update.. the longmont woman whose uorn baby was cut from her womburing a vicious atta... isestifying agnst the suspect. sterday...
8:36 am
8:37 am
one-ird othe gntowball japot. maeen s and did too the $327 million lumpum andep e big win aect fmheir falyfrnds. i lost le ten ds aotf pacgtght. 'mfraidt willake me le bse wleworrie >> eveon was sayinou are from bea from beachou knowhowon?. >> whe aived lat for work.>> rll really d't kw t. wt g amaage.
8:38 am
av she says she verrely atzeplays the lotter >> kng t secret all these wes. ly, friends t ow youive ie aa a askingyo . would be bingt th sces i wld justereamin nslp. he lost t poun. >> ts good diet. get all tha ne lose ten un. ll itakes. we know the twowinner ther isne morenalora th h nomfo >>hino his,cafo. >> weed new friends. > the fsthing i sawhen
8:39 am
jacket. 'stage fm sancisco? >> so thiisdopic f you. the wall stet journal h an ticle day. the queion sd a man' shoes and bt always matcasye sor of-on we lot of belts buthen do tnk iend toatchm to my oes. >> i don thi you have. dohatever y do wteels . al . iny ciliae d't re care. >> >> i never wearlt >> a bts outd? >> think so. a lot of coste designe-
8:40 am
>> pts a ver a really you. >> that' the th >> is not le youthe gt. ou will seet o ctstuff see guys wit goo fitted pan a t a belt >> thi were moving towards nudity as a ciy. >>ons tueion thewa st journ ppl poll say % s youho tch you shoesobelt. 30% say no shpes says long a eyren the filon sensibit you wn' wea a weern belt necessaril with ten shoes. >> i'mn you plan. >> wow. >> this ially spiraling out
8:41 am
let'sh ourhtbale oing deep onhe topic. foyes eet us with #matchym #matchymatchy. >> perfectly mched like the belto the shoe sharp. very nice. i pre. lldone. for no #rulebreak. o have matching bt and shoes. i d't think i is a requement. live yourli. > you have major drama tonight. what isode are we in? >> iant toay 16. just made that up. >>ulle tha oneut of thin air. >> so tom's lifearently hangn thalance f tonight' episode.
8:42 am
>> white male,pproximately 30 years old. >> what did hedo? ou know ts gu >> not really. >> y friend's friend is in a lot of trouble. police are sendege ing detectes. >> i>> i missed at. thas hard to do. i was in bedll day. it was terrific. >>it bagverce. uldn't tellt i w doing. >>an y give conte toth? ting be a fhernd ntso g mried b sklen theay o bei n anhuman beg. so it fallsack on h st o pahae ds best t get money tether to try thoowork it out and it d'tll workut wl forhim.
8:43 am
place b he has a l t>> keepsesting. >> >> cliff haer it's a lot. it's grt.m te >> black list airs ton 9:00/8:00 9:00/8:00 central. pi youtime zon >> 15th epod yo we really ose. >>ant to watch yourisode? so i do and some i n't. when you a solose involved t pductiot is ual li hardo stay jectiv >> we areng t talk me wi eva longoria. gd the. we areracking major wm weatr across muc of the cotry. records are in jeopardy of
8:44 am
temperatures about 3 drees ove can see warm weather extends from canadian to mexican border. so many enjoyin the warm. here areecordsor ts day. 74 in wichita. today's pdictedigh temperure9 deees. as you hd into texas 80s in february. thesare records in amarillo. 86 your forecast high temperature i amarillo. 87 degrees in rll. the heat paing throughout the rest of the week. getting io it o thet coast. these are the next three da. dallas 81 tomorrow 78s weea into the weekend. going to take lonr for atlant u s temperaturesn thes toy. near 7 b surday and hea intoheorthst weed this ter the coldest february d sie 1963.
8:45 am
and tha and that is yourhursday fost. earlier this week we asked you to share some of your wildest first conrtlooks. i showed everybo picture of me. this is 14 went to my first concert, da ball. this is a reminder that we wan viers to send ia picture. you can win a chance to be flown
8:46 am
to toemaer courtesy o j. penn. post a photo to our facebook page. tell us whye shouldelp you rock your style. first concert? >> im embarss i can't remember. i grew up in new jersey so i'm going to guess bonjovi >> i want toay green day or something. >> good fir conct. a lot of n. ominup, eva longoria a woman o woman o many talents.weilput her tohe tes fruit. nuts. silky smth dark chocolate.
8:47 am
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that how we' working to bring out thbe hey, you forgothe milk! th's lactaidthat'sactaid. right. 100% re milk, just witut the lactose. so y can drink all you want... ...with no discomfort? exactly.ere, t some... mmm, it is real milk. see? delicio. hoof bum oh righhere girl, boo lactaid . 100% rl milk. discomfort and for a creamy and delicio treat, try lacid ice cre >> tress,producer
8:50 am
stardom. stardom. now longoria is . >> >>panish soap opa, the star of the show within sw w is a b of a disaer. >> >> >> oh, no. wh did we doast night? >>on't remember i woke up your kitchen counte got dressednd went to the gym. >> how are y not ngover? >> i vyoung. i'm goi do. h me. did you cch me? >> good morning. >>ne thing i love about the showbeyond the ft -- i le at you see t belingo doanyt. >>alwa i lovca comedy. every t i did in house wives ama amount
8:51 am
y wings and dit. evee i would go home wit lied shoulder, bruise on my knee. i wasco >> you cam along and did right. >> m aut t love lteenovelenovela"d e and s a c momes. i was alwaya big fa was onhe young and the reless. so we we w a great come it wounyn i we a dentist office. theac that we a trying to make itithin this sho is probably ws really and special about it. >> i rember ng osor the show. you talk about t wind maine. this sw i going to od.
8:52 am
on young and t restlesshe was adacne on . >> >> don't k if youhi but i was in a telenovela my ent t columbia. i gotiot a le clip becauset is all about -- i want you to judge myctg talents. >>e we go. that's h
8:53 am
the sla theho thiaillg. the yng who me that that. >> i like the cut awayf the horse, horse, o. >> sheaught mow t sp op erafight. >> i amazed. you ow this they work like 1 hodays. ouork lgays he i llywood. do anepisode a day. we tee fiv ys. thi y wouldave me >> yes. >>e talkedut the l
8:54 am
i w s s aer lrng th myeetricna i ledit >> it. it gets better. >> y didn't show wn i was like humping the ground. christina aguira comes o because this is all about the guesttars coming o a wn hayden w sinngnd there comes cisna aguilera ias like i lostut i dance my butt off. my butt ha fallen off. >> y got the belt >> i did get the be. >> s is sticking around. we he o more lifes spokesboisreat. people love me for saving them over half a grand when they switch to progreive. so i'm dabbling in new ventu it was boardamnigh wi the dalai lama. great guy. rr playe o parl
8:55 am
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8:56 am
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8:58 am
we we are back with eva longoria longoria. are dividing into teams of tw for friencompetition. >> the losing team againme. >> s who get the mos ping-pongalls to thether one with oy a spoon in our mouths. >> i'm sureow thi will work. >>hen you play a ball game but t ts one. >> w do all of these sill a mes minute win it mes. d no talt needed. >> you ready? >> i'm so ready. >>l -- >> you g -- >> no no s. no.
8:59 am
s's good. >> dp it. go,wiie ! come co on. make up for that >>ou >> >> this is gu >> don't mak m lah. >> >> licate. lite. eaustedalready. >> i got this. i gth. hat wasy ba >>here we go.
9:00 am
>> are we done? yes! >> you get a lotctict me. >> d you hea som of th mments coents? >> >> congratulations. >> thank to e eat eva we b we broug you he today to get your honest opinion about this new car. to keep things used, weemed allhe logos. feels ke a bmw. reminds me a littl t of like an audi. so, thisar supports apple cplay. siri, op maps. she ts me. w. it also has teen driver technology. it even mutes the rao unl e seat belts are buckled. i'm very curus what it is. is the 20 chevy malibu. and itells for? it starts at twenty-o five. what? ohow. i mean with all this technology. that's a game changer.
9:01 am
that's w t's bte it ces ioral rin, spraor g t'soistizin relief f evee.
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9:06 am
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>> good morning ev headingntohe wkend a g da topend outside. tomorrow tperatures about 2 deeesboveavage. 72n st. louis. the only eepon nthwest ormyith rain andountain sn. turday tha warm weather exnds intohe noast. 62 for n yk city. look how quiet i iscross the nation. no maj stormn turday. a little windy but dry. 86 in phoenix. sunday rain returns. ligh showers from texas tgh ohioalley and still warm in
9:08 am
mperatur,,,, and and that's you weeke recast. if onlyoundgathers had explainedhrgh h hop in yo hol history ass? that is what they are d in "hamilton". since the next availle tickets are sometime in the nex millenniumeroht out a star today. >> went on srthest prate orpnageer in new york ty. crib ias reading aboutoundo lenha thiss your broadway bu you basically gradued in 2012 andexthing younow y are
9:09 am
possible to . >> it sane y. would havver dreamed is quite t drea tal alk about thcharter. we know ab hamn and fferson. she had a remarkabl life after he died. >> she livo be 97 yearsld and establishedhe fir private orphanage in new yk wch a ong fountion sial service program. they d a lot of go. >> extordiry woman. howo getiets? i'll get i'll get y a ticket. >> what is e most fun part aboutoing this show? >> it varys. iave been with itorlmos o years now. u t tin neway in i think for me is le those ttle bstagments where you j havaittleun bac stage bore you have to rh
9:10 am
speing of bac stage mes yuy jus had a back ageomt at the grammy's. gettg the award. what was tha like for you to be a part of at? you gsid your performance live he fro nework while it bei broadcast on the grammy's. >> it nice tha we were our own theater and felt like ouromow versionf the my's. it was great because we had a live aude tre ofrien and mily. the wou radio inhat was happen in.a. n'teetas ening. weld h goingon. right before ty annnc that we won we weike doing set aamming back e. it was great. >>re youuys awe? you areorking so hard, are you aware of wt is happeningith the show osi oth theat in terms of how excited pple ar the pnomenonhappeng?
9:11 am
i in ion s a lot of it because i'm in the theater for so manays a week. t just tin abo le's kidsetting so intite 5 to 10. ey are totally into it. the alb willie's kids areing alon >> ty d rat and 8 years d. theyavamilnndeffeon rappingbout ats ghts >> by the tim ty a 12 they ar moreell ver htory th was >> asking questions about ys and goingndtalking about histor it'sazing. sglits r reay encra pele to tak look backnd len the facts i histo tt weay have rgotn sblm. >>e remember these people are
9:12 am
success. success. >> it's pil proam right now but it' teaching aist prram whereast are actg as teacng artist we are working wh som of the kids in e mmunity. so the mterssesreing thrwn work. it lotf fun. goo fyou. we aappy for you a for the sucss of the show. everything people say aboutt is true and accoles are well ed ngratulatis. >> hamiltons onbroaay. wn fro diy network now hereohow us simpgde to increase value yr mei t t dinro,yo, etg hantma st manasfmar. lt s feecently,t di'tnoth. he made a mao boutnosuree edbe erym
9:13 am
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>> here to help you increa the value of your home without breang thean ios o inco opti >> good moin >> tnk forei he wit us we areoing to py aame high and low wxtures we see i we can gss wt i on highe end lower >> a few comparable products. we have faucets and shower heads. y don't have to snds much mone >> returninst uanto findbala you want good qualityut you n'ant to p top llar. >> y adding value you home. everything here isood qualit >> don'ty me. >> ncheating. >> h we is is a har one. this ones tough. >> i think going withat. >> gngackwarno
9:18 am
>> don worrybout thes yoavneoreogo. >>forgot >>re >> are yoi a homereno? it' not going wel obviously. aybe we canelpyou. >> guysid pretty ll. oth cct re. are lking ace fferenti aun65 hend $100 for this light fixture. gnificant cos savings. 35%. to the eye not that muc dient. thi one has a ltleit of blinthisserha lit mor mascin scule. >>ain, low. dyuessedlow. doeg you guessedtall. a good job. $90 a $130ower heaou guys are med up he. >>'mhe orge.
9:19 am
>> you wngagai heree go. 25cks,5 bucks. bi difference i price the. >> n let tk about when yo wantoer u things. ways tisise. >>ome of thi isdiy a some of it is about making sure you add value. people aing howo i cov raditt myho. itsotery shtly in he i somhiouan g onnetaint abou $65 u to a few hdred dollars. it ill mal b they ca be fit to s dep onhat youve. here is something less than$50. you can buy these gri ec at thedweste. we havewo of th. issust a dsser
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9:21 am
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ine fe with lor a1 are you vi yr numb eron one toaboubye. is your to-do ltetting longernd longer? >> could be that you are burning ou butherere ways to deal with it and use i to your advantage aserry magire did. >> this moment will be the ment of something real and fun and inspiring in a god forsen business and we will do it togeer. who isoming wit me? who's coming with mebesides flipper re >> one person. not erybodyan say f
9:26 am
the autho of "dece". grt to seeyou. thankor hav me. >> we know why yre an exon these to. how do youfine this? >> bnout ia wor weeem to use when we get the feeling that we have bee wking too much r the tngse he toon lifendreot sinim wi tngs we wt to do in life. when iay have to definit is yon'toheivit wid yo it will be brought to your attentioayin the bil you don't have to pay you bills if you dn't itou find you. taking out the trash,oing laundry. too muchime whosehis createshe feeli that we seem to call rnout. en w have the wanos in life. that is different for everybo ingsikeeaing a n language, getting aster greeregree o f a
9:27 am
want too in life. these thing would me our ves better too much time with tse things have to d and notime wit ings we wan too create burnt. >>ow d w strae good wk li banhe w a n halihis w nee to handle i oureal les but also be able to dar to dam a bit and cer the thin tt are on o bucket list. >> the bucket list is there to drea en you haveen worki so hard and you s ionfeel like anything isetting er, has bn years since feel like things have moved. thisan inire some gre elin. yo don't tnknout h fits to it. wh youhinkbouthat it inspired i us it is body and mind'say of sayi it is time for you to acqui new il gain new experienceet al and eve it. time for progres mement and ncemen time f moment.
9:28 am
itou up ia ru depresse ifou a on it c be greatoint of opptunity f to maka gatecn. >>oud you wantoar ur calendar with improvement task that is meor thing ttouare drein aut dng. >>hee tos can fill you y. thet t are whe we want to spend time. we put them on the calendar. when they are on the calendar that brings structure to th way we make decion then we defd it because you know the wan tos. andow you accomish it and achieve it. now you can go back to have tos with a sense of i see them for what they contbute. >> much to talk ou were jusetting started. we willave you back for more.
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>> odayit khileeiffod hoda tb. liro sdi n rockelrpla. baby love my by love >> look whas in e kitchen withsn thirsty thursday, february 18t. >> smes >> oh, so good to see th. bo by is g to be with us to tell us tatest stuff. >> don't babies make everythg in the show today. >> they're gng to gw uest
9:36 am
how esome. >> t bib kelsey. she doesn't even reali >> like kanye. we do have are show. from "entertainme weekly," tim stack is goingoill un on everything we can'tord to miss, coming up. >> and then is thirst, lewis andill are here looking for a deserving couple ambush. we'reoing to rev their look afterthis >> and we have aeall special vestory, proving it' never too teo t theot and we broht aon cled "iseveroo lat f ve dhelorious victoria clark going to sg .>>ou kno wt today is it's a birthday. hannah kotb is9! >>es s is. >> happyirthday to hannah. wishg her a good one today. >> and equally importt, it is tional wine day.
9:37 am
portt? a chi was born! to theworld! >>well, this child was born many, many, many decadesnd national wine >> you know h many twes i t a national wine day? what d people thk? e were shooting a tngn e strt the other day, a a troe bynd tses leanutndy,"where's m ne?" >>lmt as a spay tuda almosts big.ifou saw theai new toda ec out t daily news comn. it gives great dcription o spanky esday. worth a read. wre following up on yestery,andom as of kindnessda and y shareourstories. man said while s was grocith herrying , a chier hande a gift telhe e, e wante y to ve this. and she said i gue the figure could use nd. it w gly appreciate he payor se o her er tria sd seone oea r lling her lite gi the
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